May 2021

NACE Update from President Kinney

The last couple years has brought life-altering changes for each of us, our families, local governments, commercial business, industry, and to NACE as well. There is no doubt that we will be living our lives in some different version of our past. I am sure most, if not all of us have become very adept at “Zoom”, GoToMeeting”, Microsoft Teams, and the like.  The good news is that things seem to be heading in the right direction and I see more and more activity and people getting out and about.  

In January the Executive Committee and Board of Directors were forced to make a difficult decision and cancel this year’s in-person conference scheduled for Palm Springs and for the first time in NACE history we decided to hold a virtual conference.  A huge thank you to President McGolpin and all of his efforts last year and for leading us through all the issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.  Scott’s leadership of NACE during this period was outstanding as he dealt with probably the most unexpected, significant issues NACE has ever faced.  Scott, your leadership has been truly exceptional, and I feel humbled to try and fill the leadership void left by your departure.  I and all of NACE thank you for your service.

I cannot thank our Executive Director, Kevan Stone, and his team Staci Morgan and Connie Radoulovitch enough for all of their efforts this past year as well.  The success of our virtual conference did not happen by accident.  NACE’s staff preparation (especially Staci Morgan “rock star”) and dedication to this event is why it was successful! Their leadership, devotion, and professionalism are commendable and our association is extremely grateful.

I would like to congratulate the officers of the NACE Executive Committee sworn in for the coming year.  NACE appreciates your commitment to the organization and for accepting the challenge of leading our great organization.  Thank you to the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs and Committee Members for your leadership and willingness to put in the extra effort to keep NACE ahead.  Our members are NACE’s greatest strength.  Thank you to all of our Members who are committed to NACE and improving the service we provide to our friends, families, and communities.  

Over this next year we will focus our efforts in a few areas that are priority issues for the Executive Committee.  We will use some of the new skills and technologies we have acquired during the pandemic to continue to evolve NACE as a national organization that’s fiscally responsible and provides a necessary and valuable service to our members.  We will accomplish this by using tools like NACE Connect to provide educational and training opportunities to our members as well as providing opportunities to our sponsors to connect with our membership.   The new and improved NACE website will offer an enhanced ability for our members to reach out to each other, ask questions, offer past experiences and sometimes just say hello.

I would also like to use this tool to allow NACE Former Leaders to be more accessible to each other and to our membership.  Our NFL group has such vast knowledge and experience it is important to keep them plugged into NACE.  

I will work with the Corporate Member Services Committee and Staci to continue to look for opportunities to use NACE Connect to provide benefit to our membership and to our sponsors and build on the successful NACE Connect event that was held with Contech in November 2020.  We need our sponsors continued financial support to keep our organization financially stable and sustainable.    

Last week I had the opportunity to travel and attend the Alabama County Engineers Association meeting in beautiful Gulf Shores.  This was my first ever trip as NACE President and my first ever visit to the great state of Alabama to experience southern hospitality.  The ACEA hospitality was incredible and the trip did not disappoint.  Strong state affiliates like Alabama are the cornerstone of our organization.  The people I already knew from Alabama and the people I had the pleasure to meet on my visit are simply put, just great people.  These individuals are one of the main reasons I chose to be a member of NACE.  

As the long journey towards a re-authorization of the federal surface transportation authorization bill (highway bill) continues NACE will continue to advocate our priorities:

•    Federal regulatory reform to include environmental streamlining to get projects through the process and to construction faster
•    Direct federal funding to local agencies
•    FEMA reform
•    Long term financial stability of the highway trust fund.

We plan to continue our NACE Fly-ins to Washington DC to discuss our priorities with our elected officials and offer our technical assistance to our legislators. Opportunities to participate in events such as these are invaluable.  As a result of previous fly-ins, NACE has built upon its reputation and position as the technical expert for local roads not just by NACo, but Washington policymakers as well.   We must continue to build upon this foundation.  NACE advocacy could not be more important than it is now as we blaze a path with the new administration and continue to ensure that counties' transportation needs are included in any and all federal legislation moving forward.  

We all are members of local and state organizations as part of our profession. Iowa has an exceptional group of County Engineers that I am proud to be a part of.  NACE is a professional organization that is made up of strong members and leaders from those local and state organizations.  Within our organization, there is a passion and dedication to improve the service we provide.    

NACE relies on its members to thrive.  I encourage everyone to be involved and reach out to your NACE State Directors, NACE Executive Committee, NACE staff, and me personally for assistance.  Thank you for your commitment and for your efforts to improve your communities and the lives of the people you serve.  I look forward to working with each of you over the next year and beyond to continue NACE’s tradition as a well-respected and vital organization.

Thanks Again Have a Great Year!


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