Life Members

An individual who has been an Active Member in good standing for a minimum of 15 years or has served NACE as an officer or Director, and has retired from active participation in County Engineering or the equivalent. Any Life Member who returns to work with a county shall be carried as a Voting Member while employed and shall pay Voting Member dues to maintain his membership.

​Life Member Benefits
Life membership certificate, NACE annual membership directory, monthly NACE News, and discounted conference fee (30% off NACE member cost).

Life membership dues are $15 annually.

To Become a Life Member ...
Submit a letter of request stating your years as a NACE member, qualifications and personal address to the NACEHeadquarters. The NACE Board of Directors reviews and votes on Life Members during the NACE annual conference (March-April timeframe) and in the fall.  Choose the Board meeting closest to your retirement date even if it's before the actual date. Afterward you'll be notified of your membership status.

Current NACE Life Members

Clifford L. Adams, P.E.
Fred Austin, P.E.
Thomas G. Ballard
Robert J. Bauer
Lloyd L. Berry
Lee E. Billingsley
Duane A. Blanck, P.E. 
Ray J. Blessum, P.E.
Max H. Bridges, P.E.
Darel D Burns, P.E. & L.S.
C.F. 'Budge' Campbell, P.E.
Vaughn L. Clark, P.E. & L.S.
Wayne  Collins, P.E. & L.S.
John A. Cousins, P.E.
Warren G. Davison, P.E. & L.S.
Gary J. Durbin, P.E. & P.S.
Ted Eggebraaten
William W. Ellingrod, P.E. & L.S.
Larry W. Emig, P.E.
Gerald A. Engstrom Jr., P.E.
Nabi R. Fakroddin, P.E. & S.E.
Royce J. Fichtner, P. E.
Armand A. Fiorletti, P.E. & L.S.
David A. Gravenkamp  P.E.
W.A.  Groskurth  P.E. & L.S.
Roger M. Gustafson, P. E.
Arthur D Haddad, P.E. & P.S.
Richard H. Hansen, P.E.
Dan R. Harden, P.E.
Frank B. Hempen Jr. P.E.
Ralph C. Hilmes, P.E. & P.L.S.
Henry M. Hirata, P.E.
Ronald C. Hormann, P.E.
Samuel L. Jaynes P.E. & L.S.
Delano S. Jespersen, P.E.
Jack  Johnson
Milton L. Johnson, P.E.
William C. Kenley, P.E. & L.S.
Herbert O Klossner
Richard A. Klusmeyer
Eugene H. Knapp, P.E.
Lyle R. Laartz, P.E. & L.S.
Donald J. LaBelle
Richard E. Lane, P.E. & L.S.
Bradley J Larson, P.E.
Richard C. Larson
J. Floyd  Lawrence, P.E.
Robert W. Leach, P.E.
Donald D. Linnan, P.E.
Blake  Livingston
John J. Logan, P.E.
Richard A. Macchi, P.E.​
John  Maccoun, P.E.
Charles Markert
Larry R. Mattusch, P.E.

Lowell  McCarty, P.E. & P.S.
Richard J. McDaid, P.E. & P.S.
Bob McPartlin
David L. Miller, P.E. & P.S.
Ken Miller
John E. Mitchell
William J. Mobbs, P.E.
William A. Moellering, P.E. & L.S.
Robert L. Morrison ,P.E. & P.S.
Percy C. Nixon, P.E. & L.S.
Ernest Lynn Olson, P.E.
Raymond E. Olson, P.E.
Robert D. Page, P.E.
Kenneth G. Paulson, P.E.
Michael R. Pender, P.E.
Clarence C. Perry, P.E. & L.S.
Rick Pharis, P.E.
David J. Pope, P.E., L.S. C.E.A.
Albert F. Prater
Dan C. Ratermann, P.E.
Max L. Rothschild, P.E. & L.S.
Eugene R. Russell
Mehdi M. Sadjadi, P.E.
Bob G. Sandy, P.E.
Robert L. Sans, P.E.
Jerry W. Schauf
Eldo W. Schornhorst
Gerald R. Shaul
Dennis D. Skeate, P.E.
Paul G. Swanson, P.E. & P.S.
Walter J. Tennant Jr., P.E.
John O. Trent, P.E.
Paul J. Truscott, P.E.
Robert S. Turner, P.E.
Timothy L. Von Neida, P.E.
Vern E. Wagar, P.E.
Michael C. Wagner, P.E.
J. Michael Walford, P.E.
Wayne Ward
Jerry Weber, P.E.
Dale D. Wegner, Jr., P.E.
Douglas J. Weiszhaar 
Richard D. Welton 
Charles E. Wiles, P.E.
Douglas C. Wilson, P.E.
Robert Witty, P.E.