An Honorary Member is an individual of outstanding ability in the highway or public works field who has contributed greatly to the advancement of County Engineering. Any Voting Member in good standing may nominate an individual for Honorary Membership.


These are many of our NACE Honorary Members.


W. E. (Bill) Allison  
Ralph R. Bartelsmeyer  
J. P. Buckley  
Howard Bussard  
L. M. (Slim) Clauson  
J. M. Evans  
K. B. Foster  
Raymond J. Franklin  
B. M. French  
C. E. Fritts  
Clifford R. Green  
Marian T. Hankerd 
Leighton O. Hester  
Bernard F. Hillenbrand 
A. E. (Alf) Johnson
Arch Lamb 
Richard M. Lauzier
Claude W. Manaton, P.E. 
William R. Maslin 
J. O. Mattson  
Angus McDonald  
D. Grant Mickle, P.E. 
Dean L. Morgan, P.E. & L.S. 
James E. O'Hearne  
Ben F. Ostergren  
C. F. Rogers  
Steiner M. Silence 
Ralph L. Tabor 
W. H. Turner  
Rex M. Whitton  
Marion H. Wilkins  
Charles R. Wilmot