NACE/FHWA Hands-On Local road safety plan workshop



Round 1

From 2018: This pilot program is a partnership with the Federal Highway Administration through the Every Day Counts initiative and will provide a unique opportunity for your agency to participate in a blended learning program culminating in a “hands-on” pre-conference workshop on April 22 at the NACE 2018 Conference at the Wisconsin Dells.

Local Road Safety Plan development has been a strategic priority for the National Association of County Engineer’s in recent years. LRSPs have been proven to reduce fatalities on local roads in states that have implemented them. The goal is for each local agency participating to have a draft LRSP at the completion of the pilot. This will be accomplished through a series of webinars prior to the conference in cooperation with local, state and federal partners. Some objectives of the pilot program include:

Develop a LRSP framework for local agency participants;

Foster local, state, federal agencies partnerships to advance local road safety;
Develop a repeatable blended learning process for developing LRSP. Blended learning is a process that combines distance learning elements and live instructor-led training. This approach prepares the participant for the workshop through a series of webinars. There will be a total of three webinars starting in January leading up to the April 22nd, 2018, workshop.

2018 Resources

Kickoff Conference Call Slides
Webinar 1:

Overview of LRSP and Pilot Program- Recorded webinar 

Overview of LRSP Slides

Webinar 2: Data, Tools and Countermeasures

Recorded webinar


Webinar 3- Stakeholders and Partnerships for LRSP

Recorded webinar


Webinar 4- Next Steps

Recorded webinar