Voting members

County Engineers


What is a County Engineer? Any individual employed as a County Engineer or in an engineering or management capacity by a county or equivalent governmental agency in the United States, Canada, or other country. Voting Members vote on all matters of Association business.

Who are our members?
We have more than 1,000 voting members. NACE represents a diverse group of county road professionals with diverse titles--highway commissioners, publics works directors, road supervisors, highway administrators--but they share the following responsibilities: 

  • Decision:  Most of our members are primary decision makers in the county purchasing process. As design engineers, construction managers,maintenance and operations programmers, administrative officers, and public works offcials, they're key to the development of specifications and RFPs, as well as the review and selection of bids and proposals.
  • Design:  Most are involved in the design of new construction, repairs, and rehabilitation of county roads, bridges, sewer systems and other public works projects.
  • Construction:  They have prime responsibility in the management or construction of county roads, bridges and other engineered structures. They have a detailed knowledge of construction management, specifications, and equipment.
  • Maintenance:  NACE members are responsible for the long term management of pavements, dirt and gravel roads, bridge structures, and fleets of trucks and equipment.
  • Solid Waste:  Our members manage solid waste landfills, recycling operations, collection systems, transfer stations, and disposal programs. From vast municipal landfills to state-of-the-art transfer and recycling facilities, counties are taking the lead in many areas.
  • Traffic Safety and Signage:  They oversee and manage vast inventories of signs, traffic signals, and pavement markings, as well as an increasingly complex array of work-zone safety equipment and signage.
  • Other roles: County Engineers also handle snow and and ice removal, emergency street repairs, surveying, county planning, public transit, public buildings, aerial photography, mapping, geographic information systems, vehicle fleet service and fueling, airports, and a variety of other public responsibilities

For membership purposes, the county is the NACE Member, with a designee (usually the head of the engineering or road department) as the Voting Member. Additional county employees will be added to the member roster and will receive all member benefits except for voting. 

Dues (based on population)
Less than 50,000  - $275     1 Vote
50,000-150,000 - $550         2 Votes
150,000-250,000 - $825       3 Votes
250,000 - $1100                   4 Votes
More than 500,000 - $1375  5 Votes