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NACE Bylaws

Approved November 2022

Application for Voting, Non-Voting or Associate membership shall be made on the forms provided by the Association, and shall be forwarded to the Executive Director.  The assignment of Voting Member grade and voting power of each Voting Member shall be in accordance with the annual membership fee policy or other policy as adopted by the Board of Directors of the Association.  The Executive Director, in consultation with the appropriate Regional Vice President, will certify the proper classification of membership, and forward the application to the President for final approval.  The applicant’s name shall be entered on the Association’s records and be entitled to all rights and privileges of the Association for that classification of membership. Should the President or the Regional Vice President disapprove an application, it shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for review and final action.
Life and Honorary Memberships must be approved by favorable action of the Board of Directors.
Former members may be reinstated by payment of the current year’s annual membership fee.
Membership in the Association will expire upon request (resignation) or for non-payment of dues. The “non-payment of dues” consideration becomes effective after no response to two (2) notices and/or no response within four (4) months of the beginning of the current calendar year.

Annual Membership Fees
The annual membership fees for the various grades of the Association shall be established annually by the Board of Directors.  The Annual Membership Fee Schedule shall be published in a manner and method as determined by the Executive Director.  All membership fees will be made payable to the National Association of County Engineers.
The Executive Director shall send invoices to the membership for Annual Membership Fees by January 1 of the year to be covered.  When a new member is accepted in the last quarter of any calendar year, his or her membership fee shall be considered as full payment for the following year.
Honorary Members shall be exempt from payment of the Association membership fees.
Life Members shall be assessed an annual service fee which shall be established by the Board of Directors.

Budget and Expenditures
The business year for the purposes of dues collection and the fiscal year shall be the calendar year.
The Executive Director, Secretary-Treasurer and President Elect shall prepare a proposed annual budget for the fiscal year for the Association business and present it to the Board of Directors at the time which the Board shall specify. The Board of Directors shall finalize and adopt the budget prior to the beginning of the fiscal year. A copy of the adopted budget will be made available to the General Membership by the Executive Director.
The Board of Directors may authorize changes in, or additions to, the budget from time to time as the finances of the Association permit or justify.
The Board of Directors shall establish the procedures for authorizing the payments of expenses incurred by an officer, Executive Director or other authorized persons while engaged in Association business or research work.
All receipts shall be deposited in a depository approved by the Board of Directors, and verified claims shall be paid by a check bearing the signature of either the President, Secretary-Treasurer, Executive Director, or other employee of NACE as recommended by the Executive Director and approved by the Executive Committee.  All depository records, pass books, check books, and expenditure records shall be kept with the Executive Director.

Regional Vice Presidents
There shall be five (5) Regional Vice Presidents, serving the Western, North Central, South Central, Northeast, and Southeast Regions. The Regional Vice Presidents from the Western, North Central and Southeast Regions shall be elected in the odd numbered years. The Regional Vice Presidents from the South Central and Northeast Regions shall be elected in the even numbered years.
The Regional Vice Presidents' tenure in office shall be limited to not more than two full terms, plus the remainder of any unexpired term that the individual was appointed to fill.
A Regional Vice President candidate shall be a Voting Member employed in the region for which the individual is a candidate.

A vacancy for any unexpired term of office for Regional Vice-President shall be filled as prescribed in the NACE Constitution. Ties shall be broken by the toss of a coin.

Standing Committees are hereby created as follows:
Constitution and By-Laws, Conference Selection, Corporate Services, Member Services, Legislative, Nomination, Awards, and Technical.

The President or his/her designee shall assign duties and provide direction for all committees in accordance with NACE Policies.

Subcommittees to standing committees, as may be deemed necessary, may be created or discontinued by the President, his/her designee, or the Board of Directors.
Standing Committees of the Association may be created, altered or discontinued by the Board of Directors.
The President-Elect shall appoint the committee members and the chairs prior to the annual conference at which the President-Elect assumes the duties of President.  The appointment of members to committees shall take effect upon concurrence of the Executive Committee at the annual conference.  The President may also appoint, renew or change members of committees at any time during the year.
It is the intent of the committee appointment process to be as inclusive of members from the five regions as possible.
The committee appointment process shall be developed so that terms of members are staggered to provide for the continuity of effort.
Members who desire to serve on a committee shall submit a notice of intent to their
State Director and respective Region Vice President.  Notices shall be forwarded to the President-Elect for review and determination of appointments prior to the annual conference. 
The terms of committee members shall be one year.  The President and President-Elect shall be ex-officio members of all committees.
Special Committees, Research Committees, Joint Association Committees, Ad-Hoc Committees, Task Forces, Working Groups, Advisory Panels, Technical Subcommittees and other like groups hereinafter referred to as committees, as may be deemed necessary, may be created, altered or discontinued by the President.  The President shall appoint the members and Chairs, if applicable.  These Committees shall serve for a period not to exceed the appointing President’s term of office, but they may be reappointed by the next President, where it is desirable or necessary to provide for continuity of effort.
A proposed amendment to the By-Laws may be presented to the Board of Directors at a board meeting or may be submitted in writing to the Executive Director at any time.
Approval of a proposed amendment shall require a simple majority vote of the NACE elected Directors, the appointed Directors and the Directors at Large who are present at the meeting.
Approved amendments to the By-Laws shall become effective at the close of the Board of Directors meeting or as otherwise provided. A copy of the approved amendments will be made available via mail or electronic format to the general membership by the Executive Director.

Amended July 1998, March 2003, July 2003, April 2005, April 2012, November 2013, April 2014, April 2018, April 2022, November 2022.