NACE Instrumental in Stakeholder Partnering


Local Public Agencies (LPAs) can partner with their state and federal colleagues in navigating the complexities of the Federal-Aid program to more successfully deliver projects.

How does your county benefit?

  • Improved communication and trust to efficiently resolve local program issues.
  • Increased consistency in reviewing compliance requirements.
  • Stable launching platform to streamline processes and program integrity.


The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) launched Stakeholder Partnering as part of the Every Day Counts (ECD) initiative in 2009. EDC is a state-based model to shorten the project delivery process, enhance roadway safety, and improve environmental sustainability.

Innovations are selected collaboratively and shared with transportation leaders across the country, then best practices are developed.

Learn more about Every Day Counts.

Current Success Stories

  • Ohio launched their Local Public Agency Advisory Group.
  • Florida formed the Local Agency Program Community of Practice.
  • Arizona established the Local Public Agency Stakeholder Council.
  • Missouri formed the Statewide LPA Advisory Committee.

Read a July 2017 Update in NACE News.

View the FHWA Stakeholder Partnering site.