Annual Meeting 2017

It Was a Good Ride!

 By Brian Stacy
       NACE President

This is my last article as I transition out from your NACE President to my new role as Immediate Past President. That certainly has a nice ring to it, but in all honesty I will miss the challenges and rewards that came with the Presidential duties.

Several people asked me in Cincinnati if it would be a relief to step away from the President’s role and additional workload that came with that position. My answer was yes and no.

Since we all have full time jobs in our counties, any additional workload can be a burden. But I have to say, it challenged me professionally. I hope I’m a better County Engineer and leader then I was a year ago as a result. I said this at the banquet in Ohio, but I will repeat it here—the people and state associations I got to know better over the last 12 months were immensely rewarding to me. I wouldn’t trade that for a minute!!

We had several good accomplishments at NACE this past year, including finalizing the membership and dues restructuring initiated under Duane Ratermann’s leadership. We encourage you to add your staff as additional NACE members if you haven’t already.

The new integrated NACE website came online. We’re still adding features as we speak, so continue to visit us periodically.

The Executive Committee has really busted their hump over the last year to bring the Strategic Planning effort to fruition. That initiative required lots of interface with our Board of Directors, Corporate Partners, as well as our Membership. We’re all very confident it will pay dividends moving forward.

We participated in a significant move into our new facility with NACo’s staff. For those who haven’t visited the new digs in DC, it’s worth your time to swing by and say "hi." It’s a very modern, impressive headquarters!

Lastly, we unveiled our Local Roads Safety Foundation at the Annual Conference. I sensed a fair amount of excitement from members who agree this is a worthwhile initiative for the association.

We have significant challenges in front of us, including to continue to energize our membership with the hopeful outcome of more engagement and involvement. We're always evaluating your expectations, with the goal of still enhancing the membership benefits.

Anything we can do to strengthen our partnerships with NACo, APWA, FHWA, and AASHTO, to name just a few, strengthens all of our  organizations. I’m a huge believer in relationship building and the added value it brings.

In closing, a special “thank you” goes out to Ohio, and in particular Chris Bauserman, for his heartfelt, emotional tribute to David Brand, our first recipient of the David P. Brand Safety Award. It moved us all, especially seeing how deeply it touched his wife, Julie, and their two children. I’m so glad they were able to celebrate the moment with us.

Thank you all for the honor and privilege to lead this organization the past year. What an experience I will never forget!!

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