May 2018

Ruth “Lola” Sanders presented the below when Rich was installed as NACE President on April 25.


Empowering Your Engineer

Always let them drive. They do not ask directions because truthfully…they don’t need to. They designed the roads…so just sit back. Relax, read and sleep. Well, that’s what I do! And I think he likes it! ??

Know the 3 main points of your conversation before you begin speaking with them. Let them know up front if you desire for them to fix anything or NOT. This takes a lot of pressure off our engineers from the beginning if they just know what they are dealing with from the start!

Show interest in numbers, bridges and infrastructure. Wow them occasionally with something you’ve heard them share. Just throw it out there…it doesn’t really need to make sense. I’ve learned that it just makes them feel good to know we are listening. It impresses them even when you’re trying! They like it! Very empowering!!!

Know your directions! But if you don’t…do not expect them to tell you to turn left at the Dairy Queen. No, it will be more like…go North on County Rd. 18 for 4.2 miles, head NE through the roundabout. Drive 2.7 miles until you get the SW quadrant of the field to your West, head South 6 miles. You will have reached your destination on your right. If you have any trouble honey…just give me a call. Sure would… if I have any reception once I’m completely lost in some abandoned parking lot! But keep a positive attitude – this helps!

Know your Acronyms. My Engineer was on a phone call in the car, I heard this: LRRB, SRF, CRC, DOT, UPP, LRB, RFP, RTV, DNR, RIC, CTS, EC, NACE. Engineers speak a different language. I pretend to know it. But I have a few acronyms of my own. We won’t go there!

Please know what’s beneath your feet. Bituminous, tar, concrete, cement. No…cement is an ingredient in concrete! But it’s okay if you don’t know these things or remember because they will correct you! Just smile and let them.

If your Engineer serves on the “Toward Zero Death Initiative Committee” and you come upon a situation where 2 or more vehicles have collided – DO NOT, under any circumstances, call this situation an ACCIDENT. NO! THIS IS A CRASH! Accidents can ALWAYS be prevented! There are no such things as accidents.

Last but not least, and most importantly for us to do… JUST LOVE THEM! Love them for the wonderful, creative, crazy and amazing people that they are! We just couldn’t live without them! FOR REAL! That’s what I’m talkin’ about Dennis!

I have been trying and will continue to concentrate on implementing these things from my platform into my life with my wonderful Engineer, Rich Sanders, and it is my hope that you will do the same for YOUR wonderful Engineer!

Thank you!


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