February 2018

Engineering Associate / Engineering Analyst Position in Lane County, Oregon 

Job Number 201800044

Closing March 5, 2018 5:00 PM Pacific


The Engineering Associate position implements Lane County's legal lot verification/validation process and property line adjustments. This position reviews application materials and information submitted to the Land Management Division to determine if lots have legal status for development. If the legal lot determination is appealed, this position may be called on to process the appeal before the County Hearings Official or the Board of County Commissioners.

This position provides customer service related to legal lots and property line adjustment applications and processes. This position may also be involved in site visits to verify development is occurring as approved through the permit process.

The Engineering Analyst is a broad professional classification that encompasses incumbents engaged in a wide range of professional and technical engineering, environmental, surveying, waste management, and vegetation program management duties.

Incumbents are generally responsible for consulting, investigating, evaluating, planning, and designing a wide range of work processes and products; providing project management oversight, which may include the supervision of lower level staff; and leading, overseeing, or reviewing environmental, infrastructure and geomatic projects.

Specific duties will vary in accordance with assigned area of responsibility:

Engineering - Responsibilities will generally include; conducting special studies, analyses and evaluation of transportation issues; reviewing plans and permit issues for development; designing and inspecting infrastructure enhancements; designing, inspecting and implementing water quality and other water related projects; reviewing engineering plans and specifications; coordinating services with other agencies and departments; and overseeing assigned engineering projects.

Experience and Training

Bachelor's degree in a field related to area of assignment; and sufficient experience as necessitated by the competency level of the position.

Advanced/Lead Level: 5-8 years of progressively responsible professional experience; fully competent professional.

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125 E 8th Avenue
Eugene, OR 97401


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