September 2017 

NACE Supports FHWA Administrator Nominee Trombino

President Donald Trump, on September 8, nominated Paul Trombino III as Administrator of the Federal Highway Administration.

Trombino served as the Director of the Iowa Department of Transportation from 2011-2016, and previously served with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for 17 years. He is currently the president of McClure Engineering Company, a civil engineering company focused on transportation, aviation, water, and structures projects.

“NACE, as an influencer of local road policies across the U.S., is excited with the nomination of Paul Trombino to lead FHWA” said Brian Roberts, NACE Executive Director.

“There is no one who understands the transportation system more than Paul, having spent more than 20 years working with infrastructure at the local and state levels. We look forward to working with Mr. Trombino as we seek transformational streamlining, advanced technologies and significant progress on our Road To Zero fatalities.”

Trombino also served as the president of the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials from 2015-2016 and as the Vice Chair of the Transportation Research Board Executive Committee in 2016.

Trombino has a bachelor of science degree in civil engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and a bachelor of science degree in economics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Iowa and Wisconsin.

Brandye Hendrickson was named the Acting Administrator for FHWA earlier this year.

Trombino’s appointment must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate.


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