July 2017


Manager, Streets & Stormwater Position in City of Largo, Florida


Salary Range: $60,299.20 - $90,292.80
Hiring Range: $60,300 - $75,295
Closing Date: July 28

Administers the daily functions and operations of the City’s transportation and stormwater infrastructure related to repair and maintenance of roadways, sidewalks, stormwater drainage systems (including emergency situations with flooding or drainage problems or flooding due to conditions of adjacent properties, potholes, street sign damage, street light outages) and other issues that effect our citizen's quality of life. In addition will overseeing the work the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) compliance program for the Department.

The successful candidate will have Engineering, Public Administration, or another directly related field and a minimum of 10 years of progressively more responsible experience in hands on and management of maintenance, repair, and construction of public works projects for a local government (with at least 7 years of progressively more responsible best practice managerial experience).

The City’s Public Works Department delivers services using the best management practices set out by the American Public Works Association's accreditation program and we are proud to serve as an APWA Accredited Agency. Our Streets and Stormwater Division, along with Fleet Management, Solid Waste and Recycle/Green programs handle services to the community and major public works initiatives.

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