August 2017


Talking Technology and Transportation (T3) Online Courses

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Principles and Tools for Road Weather Management (0.8 CEUs)

September 1 – October 12

This course provides transportation professionals in highway maintenance and/or highway operations with training to develop tools and strategies for addressing road weather problems. The course begins with an overview of the types of road weather problems and their associated costs, as well as basic meteorology for non-meteorologists. Through this course, participants are exposed to various strategies for addressing road weather problems, including Road Weather Information Systems (RWIS) and the development of crosscutting decision support systems to respond effectively to weather situations. In addition, road weather solutions unique to maintenance management, traffic management, traveler information, and emergency management are discussed.

Instructor: Leon Osborne, Professor of atmospheric science and Director of the Regional Weather Information Center at the University of North Dakota

Archived Data for Planning, Operations, and Safety (0.6 CEUs)

September 8 - October 17

This course is designed to help you understand the benefits of creating an open and accessible data archive of your agency’s data.  It will also explain the challenges you might face in trying to make your agency’s data more open and available to others, and ways in which you can mitigate those challenges.  After showing you some real-world examples of how data can be leveraged for better decision making and analysis, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of building your very own archive, leveraging technologies that others have developed, or paying a consultant to help you with your archiving needs.

Instructor: Michael Pack, Director, University of Maryland Center for Advanced Transportation Technology (CATT) Lab

Managing High Technology Projects in Transportation (1.0 CEUs)

September 22 – October 25

This course is designed to improve the project management skills of public and private sector personnel who are responsible for managing the implementation of technology-intensive transportation projects. The course provides training related to the fundamental principles and practices of good project management; the steps of planning, designing, and implementing transportation systems projects; the types of project management tools available for managing transportation systems projects; and the basic skills required to be a good project manager.

Instructor: Paul Olson, P.E., PTOE

Operations Performance Management: Real-time Operations to Long-term Planning (0.8 CEUs)

September 29 – October 31

This course takes a broader management view of performance management — harnessing the power of performance measurement to improve management practice, closing the loop between strategic objectives and measured performance. It provides the use with understanding of how performance management is used to make cost-effective investment decisions that are geared to meeting agency goals.

Instructor: Tim Lomax, Texas A&M Transportation Institute


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