August 2017

Are You Typing Up Your Winter Maintenance and Operations Plan Manually?

The Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA) has Brought the Winter Web App to the U.S. Market

Gone are the days when municipal, public works leaders had no choice but to sit down and type up their winter maintenance plans – an activity that typically takes weeks to complete. We’re happy to report that the Great White North (Canada) has solved this age old problem through innovation, by creating an online service, the Winter Web App (WWA).

The Winter Web App was created through the efforts of leading municipalities in Ontario, Canada. The innovative genius of the WWA is the way in which it assists municipalities in creating their comprehensive winter operations documents. The user simply provides answers to questions related to their local winter maintenance activities, and the system intelligently compiles the feedback into a fully customized, ready-to-print document, with language and content based on winter maintenance best practices from across North America. On top of it all, WWA also includes the ability to create fully customized winter route maps, at no extra cost! The entire document is ready in less than three days!

“The WWA is a comprehensive and easy to use tool that standardized our policies into one document”, said Stuart Doyle, Public Works Director, Township of Saugeen Shores. “It saved valuable staff time and resources and provided a quality end-product.”

Given all the great benefits for municipalities, it is no surprise that WWA has become an amazing success story, with nearly 50% of Ontario’s municipalities signed on in less than 36 months, and having received the prestigious Award of Achievement (2014) from the Transportation Association of Canada (TAC1). And as of summer 2016, the service has gone live across the United States with subscribers from 8 States already onboard.

As soon as they see it, municipalities praise the WWA as a “…no brainer” solution, and that they “…can’t imagine how such a simple solution, that literally writes the document for you, never existed before."

Complimentary Live Webinar on September 20 and October 29.


“The Winter Web App provides the City of Fargo a user friendly program that allows our winter maintenance plan to be a living document that can be effortlessly updated at any time without having to recreate the wheel."

Benjamin Dow
Director of Operations
City of Fargo

“The Winter Web App has helped Middlesex by allowing us to minimize staff time and reduce our costs with preparing and maintaining our winter maintenance plan, and greatly improving our ability to defend our municipality against winter related road incident claims.”

Chris Traini
County Engineer
County of Middlesex

The days of typing up your municipal winter operations and planning document manually are gone. Save your precious time and make the Winter Web App your go-to solution for generating professional-grade winter maintenance plans.

See the Winter Web App in Action.

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