Annual Meetings

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The Largest Event of County Infrastructure Professionals

Since 1961, NACE has held our Annual Conference and Management / Technical Conference. Our meeting has grown to include an Exhibit Show of 100-120 exhibitors and 350-450 county road officials. 
The top industry and Federal Highway Administration experts present on a range of topics:
  • Bridge construction and maintenance 
  • Safety plans and implementation
  • Fleet purchasing and repairs
  • Software applications
  • Concrete and asphalt technologies
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Federal legislation and regulations
Past technical tours of the area's engineering innovations have included bridges, sports stadiums and arenas, advanced roundabouts, concrete or asphalt research labs, and equipment manufacturer or dealer operations.
Guests are treated to tours of the area's historical, natural, art, science, and culinary attractions.

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Contact [email protected] or 202-393-5041 with any questions.