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Chris Bauserman, PE, PS
Delaware County, Ohio
2015 Urban County Engineer
of the Year

Todd Kinney, PE
  Clinton County, Iowa

2015 Rural County Engineer
of the Year

Andrew Witter, PE
  Anoka County, Minn.

2015 Program/Project Manager
of the Year


Annually NACE presents awards for Rural County Engineer of the Year, Urban County Engineer of the Year, and the Project/Program of the Year. The deadline to submit nominees to the Awards committee is January 20, 2017. The awards are presented during the banquet at the Annual Conference the next spring.

2017 Recipients

Paul Gruner - Urban County Engineer
Richard West - Rural County Engineer
Darin Mielke - Project / Program Manager

Urban / Rural County Engineer of the Year Awards

Project / Program Manager of the Year Award

New! David P. Brand Safety Award