Local Roads Matter! Toolkit

Welcome to the Local Roads Matter! campaign ‘virtual headquarters,’ providing resources and tools you can use to implement a Local Roads Matter! campaign in your state.

Join NACE in our Local Roads Matter! campaign, and our efforts to have a strong, nation-wide presence and unified message in seeking transportation reauthorization funds. In this section, we’ll get you started on your own LRM! campaign, and provide you with the materials you need to be effective on the state and national level.

Local roads are critical to every facet of their lives…use the ready-made templates and let your citizens and legislators know Local Roads Matter!


 Steps to Take

  1. Get the Facts! Sign up NACE Alerts and be aware of important legislation relevant to local roads and bridges.
  2. Take Action! Use the tools and materials in the Downloadable Resources section to begin communicating with your local and national legislators, and let them know Local Roads Matter! Also be sure to incorporate the LRM! materials on your own website and showcase it at events – help us influence the national debate.
  3. Keep Informed! Bookmark NACE’s Local Roads Matter! website and visit us regularly.

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