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Newport Aquarium

Tuesday    6:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Enjoy a night of Drinks, Dinner & Dancing

Taste a bit of Cincy and sip some local brew. Then enjoy a few tunes on the banks of the levee.

See thousands of animals from around the world!

Dare to Cross Shark Bridge!

The only suspension bridge in North America where you can walk just inches above nearly two dozen sharks.

Be thrilled and awed as you traverse over the King of the Ocean below!

This 75-feet-long, V-shaped rope bridge is suspended over the open water of the 385,000 gallon tank.


Exciting Exhibits!

Alligator Alley

Meet 2 of the rarest in the world: Snowball and Snowflake are white American alligators. Mighty Mike is longer than most cars. And you’ll find a few crocs here too.

Amazon Tunnel

Explore a forest flooded by the Amazon River on your journey under 117,000 gallons of fresh water. See the Arapaima—the world’s largest freshwater fish— and the exotic Pacu.

Dangerous and Deadly

Encounter the most feared and lethal animals in the aquatic world,  including piranha, gila monsters, and stingrays.

Jellyfish Gallery

Be mesmerized and amazed by more than a hundred jellyfish from exotic locations around the world. Enjoy a 360-degree view as jellies perform their dance of color and elegance.

Seahorses – Unbridled Fun

Discover 10 species of seahorses, sea dragons, trumpetfish, shrimpfish and pipefish.

Frog Bog

Nearly 20 species of exotic frogs will deliver some hands-on fun.